A prayer for the families in Connecticut…and for all of us.

God, our hearts are broken and outraged about the murders in Connecticut. We feel powerless and we don’t understand how this can happen…again. We are desperate for answers, for healing, and for the help these families will need to sort through the horrific trauma that has just decimated their lives. Guide us in how we can help these precious school children who saw things children should never see, and help us to carry our angry resolve to the aid of all children in our world who see things like this every day. Enlarge our hearts through this experience so we can step out of our comfort zones and offer ourselves as vessels of hope and help during this aftermath. Keep our hearts broken enough to do something to help, and protect our minds from growing cold and numb.

Jesus, I ask you to help us remain on your side of this equation. Help us to process our fears and worries for our children. Help us to look deep into our own lives so we might see clearly what we need to change and where we need healing.

I ask for the courage some will need to face some possible signs in the people around them who are at risk right now. Help us to stand in the gap for each other and to reach out and offer our help to the vulnerable ones, the other Adams, who might be on the brink of taking such terrible action right now. We need the power of your love and the wisdom to sort through the why’s and what’s behind the scenes leading up to this horrible event. We ask for you to intervene in our world. We have lost our way. And we can’t fix this in human power alone.

Lastly, I pray for Adam Lanza’s soul. We don’t know him, but we hate what he chose to do. Please be with his family during this time. Protect their hearts and minds as they live in the epicenter of what Adam did. I pray for their physical protection and for the courage they’ll need to continue to live in their respective communities. I ask you to raise up people right now who will reach out to them in their time of need. And I pray in the power of your name that the enemy will not have one more victim as a result of this crime. Not one more.

Help us to see that this is what you came to save us from, and how only you can help us out of this mess we’ve made. Lord, may we see how each of us has a role and the responsibility to make sure this doesn’t happen under our watch.

Dear friends, let’s get on our knees and not get up until we’ve fully committed to give ourselves to the important work of healing in our families and communities.

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14 Responses to A prayer for the families in Connecticut…and for all of us.

  1. adopted80 says:

    Thank you for this Post.

  2. You are very, very powerful. Thank you.

  3. NZ Cate says:

    Thanks for putting words to this.

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  6. Denise Hisey says:

    Very poignant and perfectly said…

  7. Thank you for your heartfelt prayer. Your sincerity shines through.

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