a conversation between God and cancer

I will take her strength and independence.
I will give joy to those who serve her and will intensify their bond.

I will take her hair.
I will reveal the incomparable, unfading beauty of her spirit. And I will demolish any question she might have about whether or not she’s loved.

I will convict her of every mistake she’s made.
I will set her heart free by proving the expanse of My grace and the reach of My forgiveness.

I will remind her of her old wounds and pain others have caused her.
I will shower her with My love and her sorrow will be gone forever.

I will destroy her family.
I will breathe unrivaled compassion in their hearts and will birth new ministries out of their pain.

I will plant terror and fear in the hearts of her loved ones.
I will call each of them to Myself and will calm their hearts with a peace they’ve never known.

I will send out a spirit of discouragement and hopelessness.
I will refocus their perspective on eternity and will establish their security on the Me, the only true, lasting foundation.

I will damage her mind.
I will preserve My word in her heart, and she will be strengthened and emboldened to share it with everyone she meets.

I will unleash havoc and misery upon everyone who knows her.
I will raise up prayer warriors around the world who will stand strong on her behalf.

With all my power I will make them question Your goodness.

And then God said, “Stop. Don’t you see? By doing all these terrible things, everyone will clearly see why I came to save them. In their struggle I will show them the real meaning of their lives. What you intend to destroy, I will redeem.

And what’s most important is… they’ll finally know how much I love them.

I will take her life.
Only I know the number of her days and the moment she will take her last breath. In that instant I will open my arms to my precious child and will welcome her home forever.

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24 Responses to a conversation between God and cancer

  1. Denise Hisey says:

    He Reigns, Forever He Reigns…
    Beautifully said, my friend, beautifully said.
    Hugs to you all…

  2. Very creative and inspiring! How is your mom doing?

    • Hi Bill. My mom is very, very exhausted. Her mood and attitude are great (have been since the beginning). It’s hard to watch her struggle like this. She was such a strong and healthy woman. It’s all about love, surrendering to God, and a focus on eternal things. Any insight, my brother? How are you?

      • I am glad that she’s keeping a positive attitude. I fight exhaustion too; it’s tough, especially because I cannot nap. Other than that I am doing well, relatively speaking:-) Thanks for asking.

      • Exhaustion is such a tough condition. I pray for strength for you, Bill. You’re such an encourager. Thank you for your prayers for my mom…

  3. optimisticgladness says:

    You wrote this!? You are truly a gifted writer. Amazing. Praying for you and your mom. This post displays the intent of the Father so well. Awesome job Lori!

  4. jonparker55 says:

    Very moving, inspiring, thoughtful and beautifully written.

  5. Amazing – as I am writing an article on my experience you expressed what is in my heart. When you wrote: “In their struggle I will show them the real meaning of their lives.” that is my experience. May I borrow that for my article? You will get full credit to a link to this article. This has really touched me deep down into my soul. Beautifully stated. Blessings – Patty

    • Of course, Patty. Feel free to use any part of it.

      This experience with my mom has been a terrible blessing. As horrifying as it is to watch her body break down, it has revealed my desperate love and appreciation for what Jesus has done for us. I know where she’s going and I know I’ll be reunited with her. What do people do without him?

      Love to you…

  6. Terra says:

    Wow! This is so powerful, truthful and encouraging! I am so glad that you wrote this. I have family members who have battled cancer. I pray that they not only remember The Lord for what He’s brought them through but that they will truly come back to Him from a backslidden state. This is my prayer and has been for years. I will continue to cry out to God hoping and praying seed would take root in their hearts and they will return to Him.

    This post has left me even more hopeful and I rejoice! Has you not come across my blog post on Inspirational Christian Blogs ( Optimism vs Pessimism : With God All Things Are Possible) I don’t know if we would have crossed paths but I thank The Lord we have!

    Blessings to you in Christ Jesus,


  7. My nephew was swept up by cancer four years ago. I wish I had this message at the time.

    Thank you.

  8. KM says:

    Wow. That is really, really well said. I’m so glad that our paths have crossed. I recommend that you copyright your poem/words and then send it onto Christian organizations that help those dealing with cancer.

    • Thanks for the idea…I wouldn’t have ever thought of doing that.

      I’m so glad we met, too. You were so sweet as my unexpected tears started about my mom. Thank you for sharing such sincere compassion. I hope we can grab some coffee together sometime soon.

  9. Desiray says:

    VERY POWERFUL! I can truly see this because I was recently healed by the Hand of God from Cancer and what made it such a miracle was that at the time I never even knewn I had it and God healed me in church and when I went to have surgery done for my Colonoscopy they said had I waited any longer it would of been to bad. Normally you hear people saying a doctor told them what the problem was and people will pray for them, but in my case I never knew what was going on inside of me except I kept going in and out of the hospital. And from day one me and my husband prayed everyday for my healing and in church God’s healing hand touched me and filled me I felt warmness all over my body and my body began sweating to the point I was wet and trembling. I thank God for His healing power I have always believed in the healing power of God. My mother she was healed from Breast Cancer. so I’ve seen what Prayer and Faith in God can do in a person’s life.

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