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Non-Military PTSD and My Life

Originally posted on Sandscribblings:
Ten years ago I didn’t know very much about post-traumatic stress disorder. Unfortunately, I didn’t know that trauma was influencing the lives of many of my family members. Today I look back and know that if…

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Renegotiating a deal with my mom…

I sighed as I entered the kitchen. It must have been a deep one because our eldest son, who was doing the dishes, immediately turned to me and said, “You ok, Mom?” Our boys have seen me cry only three … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Unshakable Hope:
One night, about a year before I was diagnosed with ALS, Mary and I were up late watching “Nightline.” Ted Koppel was doing three nights of interviews with a retired college professor named Morrie Schwartz.…

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One thing…

Cancer lesson #1 – The only thing worth pursuing and sharing in this life is LOVE. Love is the embodiment of truth, forgiveness, compassion, grace, excellence, wisdom, acceptance, and inspiration. Nothing else matters much. Period. And since God IS love … Continue reading

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Hospital cafeteria

My mom was wheeled into surgery an hour ago and as I watch our close friends and family gather here in the hospital cafeteria, I realize there’s something very sacred about this place. There are so many different life experiences … Continue reading

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Why I hate religion but love Jesus

This is exactly what I feel about religion vs. Jesus. It’s all about Jesus…

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You’re too sensitive

“You’re too sensitive!” Oh, how many times I did I hear those words growing up?! Probably hundreds. No matter what the situation I was in when those words were spoken and hit my ears, a wave of secondary, more destructive … Continue reading

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